Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Volunteer Appreciation Day

Volunteers Appreciation Day
April 23, 2008 Earth day!

Encouragement to all the volunteers
From: Malti
Number Rhyme

Coming…Here…Best to Do

We are the…Giving Tree’s volunteer core

Five…..and….. Six
We are old…. but oh! Not sick


Let us build….Giving Tree’s strength

Because of efforts……Happiness we Gain.

All The Best Wishes For All Of You!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

shop talk minutes

Shop Talk
April 8, 2008

Wally Druscilla Drew Harbhag
John W. Clare Geni Karl

We have a new volunteer, Robert, who has joined the group. He is particularly interested in detail work on the toys.

Is on for this coming Sunday, 1pm. We will present one hour on meaningful work, and attempt to discover new ways of marketing opportunities we offer as a community of artists. Clare will be doing plastic crochet.

Volunteer Dinner
Will be on the 22nd of this month. Be sure to bring a dark colored t-shirt or bag, or whatever you have that can be laid flat for silk screening the Giving Tree logo on to. A professional is coming and bringing all of his equipment to complete the process. So even if you want your umbrella silk screened with the Giving Tree logo, it can be done. Appetizers will be served before the dinner at the Giving Tree. There’ll be a test run on the 19th.

Seattle Free School Dally
Clare has contacted the Seattle Free School Dally that offers craft classes in a variety of subjects, and offered the Giving Tree as a possible classroom for their efforts.
They have indicated that they are very interested and want to come to see the space. This in itself could bring in more awareness of the Giving Tree and therefore more customers who seem to like looking in the window to watch people work on the toys and question them about the process.

Bookends Order
The customer has given his credit card number, which has been submitted to accounting. This will start the process. Now we can proceed to buying the wood and creating the blanks for sanding and finishing.

New Business Cards
New business cards were passed around for everyone to see. It has a photo of the Giving Tree ferry on it and was morphed by Ed Zuber. John remarked it could make a nice looking gift card for the shop.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Changing Seasons.

I have hope, that Spring is finally here. Ed morphed a picture of our Ferry Boat to this image. Change is in the air.