Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Dying

The day dawned bright and colorful. The plan was to experiment with methods of dying eggs. Invitations were given in an informal manner to others to come join in the fun.
5 Dozen eggs were boiled (ok - make that 59 eggs, one didn't even make it into the pan.) 4 eggs cracked during boiling, but not past the point of usability
Other Materials -
1 package of PAAS dye, White vinegar ( thank you Steve) Food coloring. Coffee Filters, Rubber Bands, Cheese Cloth, Fineline Sharpie, Med point Gold Paint Pen.

Once everything was ready, it was time to create.

This is a Mermaid, on an egg.

He accidentally got toy paint on the egg.

My son Finn with Penni's tye dye egg and his own Magic Happy Egg.

The neighborhood was busy with foot traffic. Many families stopped to look into our windows at our eggs and at our toys. Once the egg dying was done, everyone took their favorites home. We also hid some outside near the daffodils, in the flower box and near the street car stop and the bus stop down the block.

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