Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Giving Tree Rocks!

The shop is empty. The last 2 volunteers left about an hour ago.
We all know that the next step forward is to focus on marketing. It has been a year since I consulted with a SCORE executive about our skeleton business plan. He recommended that to move forward, the focus should be on managing production, which is highly variable in a volunteer operated shop. So we did. The volunteers met every production deadline I set and we had record sales this past December.
The various wood workers, artists, assemblers and office staff at the shop all give their time and talents with no expectations of personal return, they give for the good of the shop as a whole. I am indebted to my workers. I am so fortunate to be able to use my talents. I am committed to using every avenue at my disposal to tell as many people as possible about the good people of the Giving Tree and why this work is important. And if we can sell more toys - so much the better.

Go Capitalism!

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